Wooden And Vinyl Garage Panels

You can't go wrong with upgrading your garage. Whether your garage needs to be replaced because of functionality issues and damage to the panels, or whether you just want to change the style, a new garage door is a smart investment. It is also relatively affordable considering how large of an impact it has on your property. This article compares wood and vinyl garage door panels. Wooden Panels Many homes have wood trim on their exterior. Read More 

Signs Of Bad Garage Door Springs And What To Do About Them

The springs that operate your garage door are very important to its proper function. Since the springs are used each time the door goes up or down, they tend to wear out over time. You'll probably need to have your springs replaced occasionally, although it all comes down to how often you open and close the door. Here are a few things to know about having the springs replaced. How To Tell If The Springs Need To Be Serviced Read More