Ways To Better Secure Your Garage Door

Are you worried about people breaking into your garage? If so, the security starts with the door. Having the right door in place and taking the correct steps to secure it can go a long way in making sure that nobody is getting inside. Here are some things you can do.

Install a New Steel Door

The construction material of your door could be its greatest weak point. If you have a garage door that is made of wood or another flimsy material, consider upgrading the door to steel. It will make the door difficult to break down, and still have a great look that can compliment your home.

Install a Door Without Windows

You will have the option to get a garage door with or without windows. While windows are a way to let some natural light into a garage, it may also be a security flaw. All it takes is someone with enough ingenuity to break the glass and pull on the emergency release that takes the door off its tracks. This allows someone to easily lift the door and get inside.

Install a Deadbolt

It's actually possible to install a locking deadbolt on your garage door. This will prevent the door from being opened unless you have a key, which will prevent others from opening the door even if they have the garage door opener. It's an additional layer of security that can stop someone from trying their usual methods.

Secure the Opener

Have a one car garage with other drivers that park on the street? If so, you are essentially leaving the key to the garage door in plain sight. Someone can quickly smash a car window, grab the opener, and open the door. Some openers are programming into sun visors, making it difficult to remove. Always take the opener out of your car, switch to using a different device, have a key fob that always says on your keys, or install a garage door opener that works with your smartphone.

Unplug the Opener

If you are going on vacation and will be away from your home for a long time, you may want to unplug the garage door opener. This will prevent people from getting inside if they somehow had the remote or managed to spoof the signal through other means.

For help making alterations to your door, such as installing a smart garage door opener, speak to a local garage door openers contractor.