Securing Your Home Through A More Secure Garage Door

When you are thinking of ways to better secure your house, you don't want to overlook what may be one of its biggest areas of weakness, and that is the garage. In most houses, the garage is situated on the far side of the house. It may be connected to the house, or it may even be a detached garage. In either case, there will still be full walls and maybe a thick door separating the garage from the rest of the house.

The set up of the garage makes it nearly impossible for you to see or hear things that are going on in the garage when you are in another part of the house. Criminals know this, and it is one of the reasons why many of them prefer to stick to burglarizing garages, rather than trying to get in the house where they know there is a better chance of them being busted. Here are tips for better-securing your garage.

Put motion sensing lights around the garage – Putting motion sensing lights near all entrances to the garage, and possibly even covering the windows to it can be a helpful deterrent. When anyone approaches the garage, the lights will turn on. This may get your attention or the attention of your neighbors. It may even be enough to spook the criminal away. 

Keep the windows closed and locked at all times – Any time you aren't in the garage, the windows should be completely closed and locked securely. You should also make the windows hard to look through by putting reflective tint on them or by installing thick window coverings that are kept closed at all times, and that can't be seen through, even when the garage lights are on.

Make sure the garage door is strong and secure – If your garage door has windows, make sure they are replaced immediately if they ever get broken. Also, have the garage door repaired if it is hit accidentally by a car or if it takes on any other type of damage that weakens or otherwise causes issues that can leave it more susceptible to a break-in. If the garage door is an automatically opening one, secure the inside emergency lever by anchoring it in place, or someone can use a tool to reach through the top of the door to pop it open. Following these tips will help you to better secure your garage and therefore your entire home.

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