How To Replace Garage Panels

When it comes to exterior home upgrades, most people think about their roof or windows before they think about their garage doors. However, residential garage door replacement is one of the smartest and most cost-effective home upgrades. The garage is one of the most visible style features on the outside of your home. If you have a garage that is the closest part of your home to the curb, you have to realize that is going to be very prevalent and important when it comes to your exterior style.

If you are considering replacing your garage, you can save even more money if you do the actual installation yourself. That is, you can have your new garage panels delivered to your home and then install them yourself, even if you don't have any construction experience. This article explains the process and should help you figure out if it is a project that you can undertake yourself or if you will need to hire professionals.

Are Your Panels Removable?

First of all, you need to figure out if you have a garage that has replaceable panels. Most garage systems have panels that are set within a frame. As long as the frames are in good condition, you can easily remove the panels. In fact, most garage panels are attached to the frame with just a couple of bolts or screws. As soon as your remove these bolts, the panels pop right out of the frame. You can order replacement panels directly from the manufacture and have them delivered to your home.

Installing the New Panels

Once you've done all the planning and have your new panel at your house, you can begin the installation process. The installation of garage panels is fairly simple and can usually be done without any power tools at all. In fact, you usually just need a wrench or screwdriver to remove the bolts or screws. You could probably remove the old panels by yourself, but you will definitely need a helper to install the new ones. You want to hold each end of the panel so they don't bend or kink. The panels can be quite flimsy and fragile.

You basically pop the panel into the frame, and one person needs to hold the panel in place while the other starts to attach the screws or bolts. Just like that, you will have a brand new look on your garage. It will give your home a great update for a minimal investment.