Top 5 Garage Door Styles

The type of doors you pick for your home garage can greatly complement its overall look. There are many options available and you can choose depending on your house and individual taste. Many of these options have been enabled by the introduction of new materials options. Aluminum and fiberglass, for instance, have a number of desirable qualities like rust resistance, malleability and low weight. This has made it possible for manufacturers to achieve more. Here are five popular styles for residential garage doors. 

Traditional Doors

The introduction of new styles and materials hasn't meant that everybody is moving away from the classic doors used in garages in the past. Classic American home styles like colonial, ranch, cape etc. and Classic European styles like Mediterranean and Spanish will need doors that match their styles.

Many manufacturers still make garage doors specifically for these types of houses. They come in different colors and materials. Many of these doors will, however, be available in the standard roll-up mechanism.

Carriage Doors

Carriage-style doors are also quite popular with their old-world charm. These doors are designed to look like the doors found in the carriage houses of the old days. Despite their classic looks, they are still a good fit for many modern houses. Nowadays, you can find carriage doors that swing open from the center just like the original ones. You can also get some that fold open automatically.

Raised-Panel Doors

This is a very common garage door style. They are the standard style that most people think of when they hear about a garage door. The original raised-panel doors consisted of floating panels inside rail-and-style frames. The modern version is only similar to the original in terms of look but is actually more solid and usually made from materials like fiberglass. This style of door can also be found in materials such as aluminum, steel and wood.

Tempered-Glass Panel Doors

This is a more modern garage door style. It's quite popular because it works well with many modern house styles which demand clean lines and quality materials. The glass panels can be tinted, frosted or clear and are usually held in an aluminum frame. A similar style has fiberglass sections instead of the tempered glass.

Slab Doors

This type of door is making a comeback in retro-modern house designs. These doors consist of a single section that opens by folding upwards. This is unlike other designs that consist of several hinged horizontal sections.