Wooden And Vinyl Garage Panels

You can't go wrong with upgrading your garage. Whether your garage needs to be replaced because of functionality issues and damage to the panels, or whether you just want to change the style, a new garage door is a smart investment. It is also relatively affordable considering how large of an impact it has on your property. This article compares wood and vinyl garage door panels.

Wooden Panels

Many homes have wood trim on their exterior. This includes wooden window fixtures, door frames, rooflines, molding, and fences. So, it only makes sense that homeowners also want wooden garage doors to match. Real wood garage doors are expensive but worth it if you want a very stylish and authentic look. It is important to realize that wooden garage panels usually have a vinyl or aluminum structure, and then they are faced with hardwood. So, you see hardwood, but the most important structural features of the panel are a synthetic material. Panels that are 100% hardwood are heavy and impractical. However, there are some custom garage door manufacturers that do still make 100% hardwood panels.

The main drawback to hardwood panels is that the surface is going to be exposed to moisture and son. These elements can deteriorate the wood over time. This means that hard \wood panels often need to be repainted or refinished in order to stand up to the elements.

Vinyl Panels

If you still want the look of real wood but don't want to deal with this maintenance, you can probably find a vinyl product that will match your trim. The fake wood prints on fake vinyl and become more advanced and realistic looking over the years. Of course, you need to find a finish that matches your existing trim, but that usually isn't very hard. Most home trim is generic, muted colors.

Vinyl is going to be far easier and cheaper to maintain over the years. Since it is waterproof, homeowners don't really need to worry about refinishing it or restaining it. VInyl panels can be easily cleaned with water and a sponge. Simple spraying down your panels with a hose and washing them with car washing soap will clean them. You don't need to use any special chemicals, cleaners, or treatments on vinyl.

In the end, it is all about deciding between owning a low maintenance product, or something that is a little more stylish. Contact a company like Premier Door Corp for more information and assistance.