Signs Of Bad Garage Door Springs And What To Do About Them

The springs that operate your garage door are very important to its proper function. Since the springs are used each time the door goes up or down, they tend to wear out over time. You'll probably need to have your springs replaced occasionally, although it all comes down to how often you open and close the door. Here are a few things to know about having the springs replaced.

How To Tell If The Springs Need To Be Serviced

If the spring breaks, then the problem will be obvious because your garage door will stop working. You might even hear a loud pop when the tension in the spring is released as it breaks. Other times, the need for repairs isn't so obvious. At first, the springs may just become unbalanced. This can cause the door to look uneven or be noisy when it opens and closes. The door may be slower to operate. When your garage door makes unusual noises or struggles to operate properly, you should investigate the problem or call a company like Raynor Door Company to take a look. It could be a sign of impending failure of the door. 

What To Do About Bad Garage Door Springs

There's not much you can do to fix bad garage door springs yourself. You might try applying a lubricant according to the instructions in the owner's manual to see if that helps with squeaking noises. Another thing you can do is look for problems with the track. Remove obstructions and lubricate it to see if the track is the problem and not the springs. However, if the problem is with damaged or worn springs, you'll need to call a professional to replace the springs or make repairs. Some garage door springs are tamper proof to keep owners from attempting dangerous DIY repairs. Garage door springs hold a lot of tension and you could be seriously injured if you attempt to repair the spring yourself.

If the problem is an old and worn out spring, the garage door repair company will probably replace it. If your door has two springs, both will likely be replaced at the same time, even if one is still good so they can both wear out at the same pace in the future. Fortunately, garage door springs don't need to be replaced too often. Since the amount of use and not age determine when a change is due, you'll want to watch for signs of developing problems so you can have the work done before your door stops working unexpectedly and you get caught in the rain.