Are Burglars Targeting Your Old Garage Door And System? What To Know Now

If intruders have broken into your garage by prying open the garage door and damaging the track and other items, or if you aren't sure how they got the door open at all, there are some things to take into consideration, when you replace the door and the opening system. Intruders can get into your garage in seconds, if they know the proper ways to utilize your systems faults, and you don't want this to be a problem in the future. Here are some of the things to talk with the garage door replacement and installation service experts about.


You want a garage door system that is secure and that you can trust when you aren't home. It should have features like:

  • Wireless activation
  • Wireless alerts and monitoring
  • Exterior keypad opening and closing
  • Sensors

You can get an opening system that you can program into your smart phone, and then you don't have to worry about losing a garage door opener, or handing them out to your kids.

Sensor Options

You can have a system that senses when something is trying to slip under the door or that senses when there is unusual force on the door. Depending on the type of door material you choose, and what wires you have going through the doors, you want to talk with the experts about the latest sensor technology that is available.

Secure Door Materials

You want a door that is durable, visually pleasing, and secure. A steel up and over door that is on at least a 4 point locking system is the best choice. You want to get a door that is also insulated to help with heating and cooling costs. The steel will be difficult to damage, if you are an intruder, and reliable for the homeowner for years of use. Avoid having glass windows that could be smashed.

Your old garage door could be a reason why an intruder is targeting your house. If so, have a garage door company come to your property to look at your old door and the old operating system you have in place. Then, make the necessary changes that are available to get a secure opening system and a great door. Not only does this protect your family and your possessions that are in the house, but it will also help to improve the home value, since security has been increased and upgrades have been added.

For more information, speak to companies like Wise Garage Doors.